Healthy Bottle Gourd Halwa

To celebrate New Year, Festivals & other occasional events, many are having sweet cravings, which can’t be allowed to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, for Diabetics & Obese. To Solve this issue, I tried to prepare a Sweet to have by all on these occasions – A Healthy Bottle Gourd Halwa.

Ingredients for Healthy Bottle Gourd Halwa

Bottle Gourd – 1 pc of 300gm
Cow/Buffalo Ghee
Stevia to Taste
Almods – 10
Cashew – 2
Pistachio – 5
Walnuts – 2
Cranberries – 1 Spoon
Psyllium Husk – 1 Spoon


Wash, peel Bottle Gourd & grate it with grating machine or Food Processor. Also cut or grate nuts in small peices. Heat Ghee in a Skillette/Heavy Bottom Pan & add grated Bottle Gourd to Pan. Stir it continousely till moisture dries. Add Psyllium Husk, Grated Nuts & Stevia & Mix Well. Serve Hot.

Healthy Bottle Gourd Halwa
Healthy Bottle Gourd Halwa

By Rajesh K Dhiman

Myself, Rajesh Kumar Dhiman, working with an International Company's Finance department. I started writing to help others suffering with same health conditions like me, which is stated at

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