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Diabetes Reversal with Diet Control – Food to Eat & Food to Avoid

In order to understand how the diet works, you have to understand a little bit about why people develop Type Two Diabetes.  One of the important things is that type two diabetes is actually a reversible dietary disease, which most people won’t tell you. In India or worldwide you many are saying that it is a Chronic Progressive Disorder. Nowadays, most of the people understand that if you lose weight, then almost type two diabetes gets better or even goes away. It is very simple to understand that Diabetes a stage, where there is too much Sugar in your Body i.e. Glucose & Fructose, coming from starchy foods & Fruits, when body cannot store any more of it, then it’s going to spill out into the blood and when your blood glucose starts to rise, that’s when your doctor makes the diagnosis of type two diabetes. It’s simply an overflow problem. Therefore, supporting medications by Doctors are being suggested to reduce the amount of sugar going into your body. Apart from medication a low carbohydrate diet control is being suggeted by Dieticians, which makes lot of sense because you’re switching from eating foods that contain a lot of sugars, which are glucose and sometimes fructose, to eating more foods that contain protein and fat and while these have calories, and other nutrients, they don’t have a lot of glucose and the problem is too much glucose. So that’s how a low carbohydrate diet can be very effective in reducing type two diabetes or even reversing it.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before moving on to Low Carbohydrate Diet, you have to keep in mind a most important step is to talk to your doctor. You have to remember that the medications that you’re being prescribed if you are on medications depends on that specific diet. That you’re eating at that time. So if you change your diet or if you do fasting, the requirements for medications are going to change. So you must have somebody to monitor that and adjust those medications for you. And that’s the job of your doctor. monitoring your blood sugars is extremely important because you want to avoid the sugars going too high if you adjust your medications and avoid them going too low, which is the hypoglycemia and it’s very dangerous

Foods to Eat

As Diet Control, First of all you should eat as much as you want & replace Whites to Greens. All Green Veggies are Fine. Eat lots of healthy protein so things like meat, eggs, fish, oily fish, full fat yogurt is good. And fats in moderation are fine. Make sure you stick to natural fats things like olive oil, butter, coconut oil or fats that are found in nature. They’re unprocessed. Add Nuts like Almods, Walnuts, Pistachio and Seeds like Pumpkin, Sunflower, Chia, Sesame & Flex. Beware of low fat foods. They can often have a lot of sugars and sweeteners and cheese only in moderation because it can be very easy to overeat them

Diet Control – Foods to Eat in Diabetes Reversal

Foods to Avoid

The other thing is to make sure you avoid snacks because they can be very habit forming and it’s very easy to eat them without thinking and therefore over eat them too much. In essence, you’re eating lots of vegetables with proteins and healthy fats and that leaves you feeling properly full in a way that last and therefore, you do not need to snack all the time. And finally, about sweeteners. Just cut them out there, trick your brain into thinking that you’re hungry and make it even harder to lose weight or reverse diabetes, Especially very starchy foods, remember that when they get broken down, they’re often broken down into glucose, which is a type of sugar. So things like bread, rice, potatoes, Restrict them completely.

Diet Control – Bottom Line

If you can switch over to cutting down the carbohydrates, emphasizing the green vegetables, non starchy vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, then you stand a good chance of reversing type two diabetes. Again, remembering that type two diabetes is not that hard to understand.