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How Can I Reverse Diabetes and Obesity

Is Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity Reversible .?

In September 2015 I checked my Blood Glucose first time, when I was checking Blood Glucose of my parents, it was shocking to me to see 358 on Glucometer. During those days I was suffering with frequent boils on my body. When visited Doctor, he advised me to get my HBA1C checked, which was >8 with average glucose level of 350 & started my first medication with a combination of Glimepiride 2mg/Metformin 500mg twice a day & it was increasing year after year but my HBA1C never given anything below 7 and mine weight also increased. Additional Injections were started for MIXTARD for 40 units a day apart from oral medications post COVID in December 2020.

During Hospital Stay I came to know more about Diabetes Reversal from one of the Laboratory Assistant. Then I started searching about Diabetes Reversal & found that this is possible with proper Diet & Exercise. During my search I met with Col Gautam Guha, who further helped me in Reverse Diabeties by adding Intermittent Fasting to my daily routine. Now my HBA1C is 4.2 with no Insulin injections & reduced oral medication to Metformin 500mg only. My Weight is also Reduced to 62KG, which is a perfect weight according to BMI requirements, as you can seen this in below photo.

Reverse of Diabetes and Obesity.

Diet Control

Before we start on Diet we should know about how a food is affecting our Blood Glucose by knowing about nutritional value of a particular food. There are 3 major macro nutrient in a food called Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat. In routine, we are having food which is loaded with Carbohydrates i.e. it’s contribution in our daily intake is more than requirement of our body. Our First step towards reversal is to restrict intake of Carbohydrates loaded foods like Grains, Refined Food, Sugary Drinks etc. & add Green Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds and Eggs/Poultry/Sea Food. Apart from diet Vitamin D & B12 are playing major role in reversal, so we need to keep these also in required range.

My Food Plates During Reversal Journey


About Fasting we can find connection with almost every religion in the world. We in India do fast for almost every occasion & even I heard that it is mentioned by our forefathers in books that “A person who is on One Meal a Day is a YOGI, Two Meals a day is BHOGI & Many meals a day is ROGI” During Reversal journey, I followed a 16:8, 17:7, 18:6 intermittent fasting schedule with one 24 hours fasting day in a week. Apart from this I achieved three long fasts of 48, 55 & 48 hours without any problem. There are different benefits of fasting at different intervals, which is explained in video of Col Gautam Guha


Most of us are thinking that only walk will control our Blood Glucose Levels, which is actually not 100% correct. We have to do Running, Resistance, Strength or HIIT exercise per our body strength.

Stress / Sleep

In this Reversal Journey, I learnt that how to keep myself stress free. Before starting Reversal Journey I had lot of stress for my routine jobs, due to which my BG Level was not in control. For better results, I started focusing to release my stress level & resulting started getting good sleep, which is also important to give body to go into rest & recovery mode. A good sleep of 7-8 hours a day is required for healthy life.

Way Ahead

Still I am in reversal journey by applying all of above mentioned points and enjoying each & every moment of my life, feeling fit & light, which I was lacking earlier. With Low Carb Diet & active lifestyle I will be Insulin Sensitive.